European Academy Bolzano (EURAC)

EURAC was founded in 1992 as a private research and education centre, and is home to researchers from all over Europe who work together on a wide range of interdisciplinary projects. The EURAC-Institute for Public Management pursues research in the management dimension of public sector institutions. The research is mainly concentrated on application-oriented research as well as on the development and scientific support of public sector reform processes.

The research focuses on the following areas:

  • Management of local authorities
  • Management of social services
  • Public accounting and controlling
  • Management of non-profit organisations
  • International public management
Fields of activity

Research and scientific support of reform projects in the public sector and in particular in the field of social services. Evaluation of user needs in social services, performance management of social services, elaboration of quality management systems, implementation of controlling systems

Role within the project
  • Preparation and evaluation of end-user analyses and surveys
  • Scientific support of solution testing, Implementation and Piloting
  • State-of-the-art analysis
Reference projects
  • AAL JP Call 6 – Experiences keep people Active (ExpAct)
  • FFG benefit study – TAALXONOMY-Design of a practical taxonomy for effective classification of AAL products and services
  • AAL JP Call 3 – Personal Protection and Caring System (2PCS)
  • Innovative volunteering for the development of a social and cultural heritage (Interreg Programme Italy-Switzerland
  • Optimisation of care for Parkinson patients
  • Optimisation of care for Multiple Sclerosis patients and integrative management of chronic diseases
  • FFG AAL JP 2014 – FairCare – The network based soution for collaborative future care
  • FFG Basisprogramme 2012 – Universitary Project Broker (UPB)
  • FFG benefit 2011 – Senior competence network (SECONET)

Drususallee 1
39100 Bozen

Contact persons:
Sonja Vigl (Sonja.Vigl(W>7Fp34BTwefKdH)
Ines Simbrig (Ines.Simbrig(W>7Fp34BTwefKdH)">Ines.Simbrig(W>7Fp34BTwefKdH)


National funding agency:
Ministerium für Bildung, Universität und Forschung (MIUR)